Error by Michigan Lottery Vendor Results in Individual Winning Lifetime Prize of $25,000 Annually

Winning Lifetime Prize $25K Yearly for Life Due to Michigan Lottery Error! Illinois resident Michael Sopejstal regularly travels through Indiana to Michigan, partly to dine at his preferred eatery and to purchase “Lucky for Life” lottery tickets, often opting for 10 to 20 draws, as stated by the Michigan Lottery.

On a visit on September 17, a GoLo gas station employee inadvertently printed a lottery ticket with 10 lines for a single draw, instead of the multi-draw ticket Sopejstal usually buys. He decided to keep this ticket. Later, Sopejstal discovered that this ticket had won him a lifelong annual prize of $25,000. He expressed his excitement and deliberation over choosing between a lump sum or annuity.

Recently, the 60-year-old claimed his prize at the Lottery headquarters, opting for a one-time payment of $390,000 rather than the extended annual option. He plans to use his winnings for travel and savings.

“Lucky for Life,” available in around two dozen states and Washington, D.C., offers prizes ranging from $3 to a grand prize of $1,000 daily for life.

News source: CNN

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